A social media strategy can help you give your brand a marketing direction on social media and improve your company’s performance in measured ways. Strategic curation of your social media cultivates an almost immediate impression with the public so it is vital it is handled with knowledgeable care. When working with a new brand or a product, there are ten things that Burning Stick Creative will work on while defining a social media strategy.


Defining the Mission / Objective

State what you would want to achieve through your social media marketing efforts. Do you want to expand awareness of your brand? Do you want to pump up a new product or service in particular? The objective or mission statement can be broad, and it should define what you would like to achieve by implementing the strategy.


Outlining Your Goals

Work SMART — Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Time-Sensitive. The goals you develop should outline exactly how you plan to complete your defined mission. Start by listing the steps and under each step the processes that you need to take to achieve this. Thoughtfully outlining your goals means creating a roadmap to your social media success.


Describing Your Ideal Target Audience

Targeted marketing helps you to reach out to those who care about your brand and/or products. A simple way to identify your audience is to create examples of buyer images. These are fictional characters that have the same traits as your typical clients. What do they do for work? Do they have kids or are they single? What social media platform does your target audience use most often? By describing your ideal target audience you can form a more concrete idea of what social media platforms they are most likely to use and what copy would attract them.


Identifying Your Competitors

Research what your biggest competitors are actively doing on social media. Which platforms are they using successfully and how are they reaching their target audience? What do you like or dislike about their social media approaches? This is also an opportunity to learn from your competitors’ mistakes. You are now armed with adequate information to start differentiating your brand from all the others.


Finding the Right Social Media Platform

Each social media platform serves a different purpose. You need to find the right fit for your brand. Burning Stick Creative can help you do this. You will need to think about the platforms that your target audience is using, list the social media platforms that you want to use for your social media marketing, then look at the analytics and audience preferences on each platform to see which ones your target market prefers. Choose those social media platforms that seem to have more interactions related to your products or services.


Thinking About the Type of Content You Will be Posting For Each Platform

You will need to ensure you produce content that suits the platform once you have identified the social media arena you want to use. If you have decided to use YouTube and Instagram, you will need to produce videos or images only. However, if you use Twitter and Facebook, you can share links to articles and information on your website. Burning Stick Creative balances our experience with hard metrics to determine what content will garner your brand the most attention.


Measuring Your Performance

In order to measure your social media performance, you will need to use a combination of analytical data and tracking tools. This combination will give you a complete perspective of your brand’s presence on social media. Data and analytics found on all social media platforms can provide detailed information on the performance of your posts, while tools like Google Analytics can give you further in-depth information on the traffic visiting your website through social media. Burning Stick Creative can help you do this.


Researching the Tools You Can Use

Research the various tools that can be used to run your brand’s social media. Social media management programs that schedule your posts can be useful, as can analytics software and social media tracking services. Like any other kind of tool there are both right and wrong ones for the specific job — Burning Stick Creative has tried them all and we know what works.


Assigning Team Roles

List the people responsible for various tasks related to your social media strategy. Who on your team will be accountable for creating the content, posting updates and measuring the performance of your social media activities? It is vital to have a point person so an agency like Burning Stick Creative has someone to contact directly. Identifying team roles expedites social media output and creates a clearer path of responsibility.


Revising Your Strategy

The final step is to ensure that your social media strategy is working out for you as planned. Check your goals against your mission – did you achieve what you wanted to? After six months of implementing your strategy, it will be time to review it and determine if your brand is making progress and showing improvement in the areas you are targeting. If it is determined that little or no growth has been made, it might be time to revise your plan, tweak the content you are creating, or change the social media platforms you are using, or your goals, if necessary. Remember that your strategy should evolve as time passes and you learn and grow. Review it often, and above all else – don’t be afraid to try out new ideas.

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