Dude, You’re Getting A Divi!

Once in a while a software package comes along that makes you stop and say, “Hey, we should probably update to this because we have a lifetime subscription to the software in question.” And that, my digital friends, is exactly what it happening on this day. My team and I are locked into the countdown to release, which is just at 2 hours.

As I type this, one of my team members passed out from being overcome with anticipation, while another is updating all of the websites we have built in Divi, and some sites that belong to other companies. We broke laws.

Among the most anticipated features we hope to see are the ability to truly have full control of the header, a more lightweight footprint, and the ability to give our team “game” enough to please the ladies and find wives. We are lonely boys.

So, come along with us, dear reader, for the event of lifetime, if you had a tragically short life, like a mosquito or something. That would blow their minds.  

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