Burning Stick Creative believes that when it comes to your brand and your brand narrative, the most important factor is not what you do or how you do it, but WHY you do it. We can all easily answer what we do and how we do it. But why we do something has to be really well thought out.

You will have to ask yourself, what is your WHY?

You will need to be truthful and totally honest. You will need to reach deep within yourself and find what is real and what is the fundamental reason for doing everything you do. Then use this exercise to guide your marketing and develop your brand narrative.

Try this: state what you do and who for, then ask yourself “why?” 5 times.
We’ve made a quick start on ours below, but it’s tough.

Burning Stick Creative’s WHY

We provide creative, quality branding design, website solutions, social media, commercial video production and digital marketing strategy to individuals, political campaigns, and businesses.


We want to tell stories that bring businesses to life and help them thrive. Their success is our success.


Because we were born to do this.


Because starting and maintaining a business is very unpredictable; you have to wear many hats and learn to be everything your business requires. Having Burning Stick Creative to help bridge the gap between hands-on technical design and marketing knowledge can propel a business forward successfully.


Because we’re Burning Stick Creative and we’re nothing if we are not on fire.

If you make it to 5, well done! Keep working with this until you are completely satisfied and have an understanding of why you do what you do. Then Burning Stick Creative can work with you and this guide to determine what you stand for and develop your brand and brand narrative.

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