We all love movies. Here at Burning Stick Creative, we are all crazy about movies, and often times feels like one is being made with us as the stars. Life would be so simple if it were an animated cartoon. Wouldn’t it? But, not everything we wish for can or will come true.

There are, however, some lessons from the movies that we all can learn and instill in our lives, especially when it comes to team building. Let’s look at the movie Trolls. They had to work hard, there were so many of them, but, they were always happy. We have to ask ourselves, “why?”. After all, the one thing that made these wild haired beings so powerful was the fact that they were always together! They were truly a team.

So, in this post, Burning Stick Creative will share with you seven team building lessons that we all can learn from the Trolls

1. Stay curious, stay foolish

The Trolls were always curious and want to ask lots of questions. That is one reason why they are not afraid to try new things. And, that’s why their lives are always such a crazy adventure.

Think of your work team now. Does your team get excited when they receive a new assignment on which they have not worked before? Do they feel exhilarated when a new challenge arises? If they don’t, then this is something they can definitely learn from our Troll friends.

2. Make mistakes, make them often

The fear of making mistakes is the biggest rationale for why we don’t try something new. But this was not the case with the Trolls. Even if they made a mistake, they enjoyed the outcome. They were not afraid to try something new!

Inspire your team to be brave enough to forget the rules and think out-of-the-box. Try new things and then try some more. The more you try, the more you can learn, and the more you can succeed. And, you will see the new vigor in your team to creating things that are unique and innovative!

3. Happiness was their most powerful weapon

We are the most productive when we are happy. And, the Trolls are always happy. Even in the saddest of moments they know how to remain happy. Perhaps this is the reason they are able to maximize their skills. Trolls always took the challenge happily, no matter their assignment.

Have you ever thought about the indicators for happiness of your team? Are they happy working in their current manner? Your team’s happiness can determine how productive they are. If you have not thought about it, think again. Think some more, and question yourself about the happiness and productivity of your team, and you might come up with a new perspective of leading your team.

4. Serious – are you kidding me? trolls

When you are working as part of a team, you have got to have fun. Having fun at work does not mean that things are not taken seriously. Fun and happiness facilitate productivity and success. That’s what the Trolls would do, from cracking jokes with each other to finding fun at the stuff they did – the Trolls always found the fun in everything. And, that’s what made them so cool!

That is what we do here at Burning Stick Creative and our work always shines. Don’t let success be the only goal or failure break down the morale. Don’t be too serious. Enjoy every minute you are working and make sure that your team does the same. This will lay a solid foundation for your team and can take your business forward.

5. The attitude to never say never

Throughout the Trolls movie, they never said never. In the end, their cohesiveness triumphed.

At times, we take our lack of success and small setbacks to heart. However large the setbacks are, do not let them diminish your determination. If you, as a leader, are exhibiting a negative attitude, you can not expect the team to remain positive. This is THE ONE and the most important lesson that a team and the team leader can learn from Trolls.

6. Once a team, always a team

The biggest lesson that the Trolls can give to teams is that ‘once a team, always a team’. The Trolls had their differences, but in the end they know that they have a purpose. The same is true for your team, without a leader a team ceases to exist.

Being part of the team means you are always there to back your team members. Being part of a team means you are behind them 100%. Wherever they went, whatever they did, the Trolls were always together as a team.

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