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Welcome to Burning Stick Creative. We are a full-service advertising agency, serving a range of clients throughout the United States.

Our name represents exactly who we are. As brand experts, we love the fact that the word brand literally means “burning stick.” But our new name also signifies the passion and the fire that’s been ignited in each of us to do amazing work, each and every day. We have a burning desire to be an advertising agency, but also real storytellers. Our goal is to make your organization stand out through strategic communications, effective public relations, innovative social media, cutting-edge video production, a dominate web presence and beautiful design. If we do our job right, our clients make their mark, literally stamping their brand and leaving a lasting impact.


A design is merely art without purpose, let us craft your story from the beginning.


Sticks and Stones may break bones, but words can build empires.

Web Development

We are the Tesla of driving on the information superhighway.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Make decisions based on data, not on hunches.

Video/Radio Production

Lights. Camera. Actionable content!

Press Releases

The story has been written, now it needs to be told.

Our Latest Work

Take a look at what we’ve already done for so many clients, and then let us show you what we can do for you.

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