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Social Media has had the most profound effect on advertising and changed the way that every brand does business. In this world of limited characters, every letter counts! You might just have 140 characters to work with, but each should have a personality of its own. We make the most of every opportunity, breathing fire into a thought and telling your story the way you want it told.

  • Custom Content Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Audience Targeting
  • Campaign Management

Marketing in the digital age has caught on like wildfire, and new forms are popping up across the internet in every corner of every webpage you can imagine! Whether you want to promote your business on streaming services, set up display ads on a popular mobile game, or advertise on industry-related websites and apps, we can help to implement these strategies to benefit you and your brand.

  • Pay-Per-Click Campaigns
  • In-Stream Video Advertising
  • Geo-Fence Targeting
  • Display & Re-Targeting Tactics

Kindle your creative side with our production team! Our on-site studio allows us to film on your schedule. From broadcast television to any social media platform, Burning Stick Creative produces professional, high-quality videos and photos that are tailored to your business. Fit for the big screen, the silver screen, and every screen in between! Let us get started on your next project and torch your competition.

  • TV Commercials
  • Social Media Videos
  • Live Stream Broadcasting
  • Commercial & Portrait Photography

It can seem like magic, but graphic design is more than just waving your magic wand around (that’s an Adobe joke)! We’re listening to our clients, working with their brand identity, and bringing that vision to life! By developing effective, eye-catching materials, we put your business ahead of the competition. Our in-house designers are ready to create, paint, and collaborate to deliver inspired material for your brand!

  • Brand & Identity Development
  • Advertising Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Digital Media & Web Design

Your account executive will guide you through the process of developing a strategy to get your business moving! Clients receive regular updates on the latest happenings and trends through detailed reporting for social media campaigns, television ads, search engine optimization, and more. It's tangible results laid out in an easy-to-understand package, designed for each client. Contact us today and let us spark your inner fire!

  • Develop Brand Strategy
  • Client Communication
  • Project Management
  • Detailed Monthly Reporting

Google, Yahoo, Bing, oh my! There are many choices when it comes to search engines, and most everyone has their favorite. Well-versed in every platform on the web, we can elevate your brand to the top of everyone’s list. Let us drop the house on your fears, and you can settle into your new ruby slippers with nothing more than a click of your heels…or your mouse.

  • First-Page Google Results
  • Keyword Planning & Tracking
  • Schema Markup & Rich Results
  • Site Audits & Reporting

Animation lies at the heart of advertising. People have been relying on cartoons and animation to tell stories and sell products for decades, from Mickey Mouse to Mr. Clean. Whether you have a story to tell, products to explain, or just want to add motion to your brand: we can animate it! It’s a technicolor world out there, and you’ve got to stand out among the crowd!

  • Television & Web Animation
  • Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality Solutions
  • Animated Social Content
  • Dynamic Website Animation

Every business in the modern world needs a website to get the traffic they need for success. At Burning Stick Creative, we want to set your brand on fire with personalized web solutions tailored to fit your every need, including uniquely customized websites and web-based services. Our web department can handle your toughest problems and help provide answers to the biggest issues facing your business.

  • Website Development
  • E-Commerce
  • Web Hosting
  • Software Solutions

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Vermilionville, a subsidiary of Bayou Vermilion District, is one of the crown jewels of Acadiana. It is iconic, a historical landmark right in our own backyard with tons of educational and recreational activities...

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Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists

Louisiana Orthopaedic Specialists opened their doors in 2009, and their brand recognition and customer satisfaction put them leagues ahead of their competition. ...

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Josh Richard
Owner & Captain of the Ship

Pectoral enthusiast, perpetual leg day skipper. Like a nice store mannequin: fashionable but top-heavy. Will check your homework, twice.

Josh Richard Josh Richard
Shane Menkiewicz
Client Whisperer & Second-In-Command

Wears every hat in the house and looks good doing it, so be sure to tell him about it. Ready and willing to steer the ship in a pinch.

Shane Menkiewicz Shane Menkiewicz
Alex Labat
Search Engine Optimizer Supreme

Will break the internet with website traffic better than the Kardashians, but with a lot less silicone and more keywords.

Alex Labat Alex Labat
Donny Gallagher
The Grand Marshal of Design & Photoshop Palatine

A man of few words, but will definitely let you know about poor font choice or clashing colors. Wants to bring you over to the art side.

Donny Gallagher Donny Gallagher
Patrick Swinney
Producer & Last-Looks Liaison

Likes to set the room tone. Keeps the client in focus. Knows that lightning comes before thunder, even God has to wait for sound.

Patrick Swinney Patrick Swinney
Jacob Muffoletto
Wordsmith & Vibe Manager

Master of the dictionary. Great at fixing tense situations, and believes punctuation saves lives. Suffers from allegories, especially in the spring. Keeps the coffee pot full.

Jacob Muffoletto Jacob Muffoletto
Sydney Hebert
Pantone Witch & Design Devisor

Might put a HEX on your brand. Wants to know your color theory on the first date. Can be complimentary, but sometimes she’s triadic. Always on the hunt for the ripest pixels.

Sydney Hebert Sydney Hebert
Nicole Taperts
Queen B2B & Digital Specialist

Has a great bounce rate but still won’t go skydiving. Helps direct traffic, refuses to wear the tacky vest. Makes sure we’re all on the same landing page.

Nicole Taperts Nicole Taperts
David Hilbun
Video Editor & Premiere Pro Paladin

Always finds the diamond in the rough cut. Will take the initiative, then ask you to roll for it. Often skips lunch, but may take a small sound bite.

David Hilbun David Hilbun
Annie Cormier
Illustrator & Insta-Gator

Not afraid to poke the bear, as long as she can post about it. Likes it when you call her Van Geaux. Tweets others the way she wants to be tweeted.

Annie Cormier Annie Cormier
Melissa Alford
Client Wrangler & Brand Evangelist

Will rope you into the right strategy faster than a cowboy can corral cattle. Leads your brand to the promised land, but only if you’re willing to be converted.

Melissa Alford Melissa Alford